Zendaya cuts him too close and ends up in the hospital!

Zendaya is an amazing actress, a talented singer and can win awards like no one likes.

But what she’s not is a good cook! She even said it herself.

Gordon Ramsay would never approve.

The “Euphoria” actress had a minor accident on Wednesday, July 13, which landed her in the hospital.

Zendaya must stay out of the kitchen


Zendaya revealed that she cut herself while cooking, and because the cut was so bad, she had to get stitches.

She posted several photos of her injury. The first was of his hand wrapped in a white gauze bandage.

Z captioned the photo, “Look now…this is why I don’t cook.”

Instagram / Zendaya

This prompted her to take a trip to get stitched up.

She posted an “updated” photo of medical professionals working to close the cut.

Zendaya finds herself in a sewing situation

Instagram / Zendaya

Luckily, the actress got better in no time and shared a photo of herself throwing up her injured finger with a friend.

“Baby’s first stitches lol never to cook again ❤️,” she wrote along with the photo.

Instagram / Zendaya

Another starlet who might reconsider handling sharp objects is Demi Lovato.

the explosion recently reported that the singer, who is non-binary and uses his pronouns, cut himself while handling crystals.

Demi Lovato needed stitches the same day as Zendaya

Demi posted a TikTok video on Wednesday all smiles holding her forehead with the viral background “No one will know. They will know ‘audio.

Even if their humor is perfectly intact, it seems that the singer had a hectic and painful evening.

Demi Lovato poses for the camera.
Instagram | Demi Lovato

The video is captioned: “Guess who hit their head on a crystal and needs to get stitched up before Kimmel tomorrow???”

They perform their new music on the Thursday, July 14, late night talk show.

@ddlovato Guess who hit their head on a crystal and needs to get stitched up before Kimmel tomorrow??? 🙋🏻🙋🏻 #substance #fuck ♬ THEY WILL KNOW – Heliqs

While no further details were given about the events that caused the laceration or the amount of stitches needed, it is pretty clear from the short video that there is a painful gash above the eyebrow. right.

But one thing we all know is “they’ll find out”. It’s going to be hard to fully cover this a day after it happens. A word of advice: maybe blame the Wednesday night full moon.

They will know!

Of course, the comments continue Lovato’s story perfectly. Lovato fans had words of encouragement and advice for the singer, along with some healing humor.

“Remember when you broke your leg and told him the story of Kimmel. Now you have another one.

“Use Amber Heard’s makeup application technique, foundation, concealer, blue kit. Nobody knows.

“It’s such a Demi thing though. The OGs aren’t surprised. That means it’s going to be a good time.


“I believe in the healing power of crystals…but sometimes they go wild, I guess.”

“Did you keep the crystal?” He obviously chose you.

The singer is gearing up to release his eighth studio album titled “Holy FVCK.”

This will be Demi’s second album since their fatal overdose in 2018.

The album will be released on August 19, a day before their 30e birthday.

An international tour will begin on August 30e…hopefully the crystals will be locked away in a safe place.

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