Yakima’s advice creates confusion – Flip Flops on 2 all-in votes

Yakima Councilman Matt Brown is a bit frustrated.

He shares his concerns and offers some positive suggestions for a smoother functioning of municipal government.

Applicant Forum

Yakima 6th District Rep. Matt Brown wants to invite all of Yakima to a Liberty Caucus election event. This is a candidate forum for the 4 Republican candidates vying for the three county commissioner seats. The event is Wednesday night at the Holiday Inn, 802 East Yakima Ave., starting at 6:30 a.m.

Along with sharing the invite, Councilman Brown answered some questions about recent council action in which council appeared to have taken definitive positions on a few contentious issues, only to backtrack and start on a new track. two weeks later.

Pride flag and safe cities

In 2021, the City Council gave its approval to fly the Gay Pride Flag on the west side of City Hall. A few weeks ago, this council voted to take the position that city buildings are not special interest bulletin boards. It was a unanimous vote…only for the council to come back and reopen the possibility. Staff have been instructed to see how “other cities” deal with it. Hi Council, how about running it the way Yakima wants it run…and you already have.

Another reversal was the council’s decision to opt out of the former council’s decision to sign up to the global anti-fossil fuel initiative called SAFE cities. “SAFE” stands for Stand Against Fossilfuel Expansion. The council voted to seek greater local involvement through the formation of a new committee…only to make a 180 degree turn on that vote too!

Brown says slow down and be right the first time

Brown says some board members “changed their minds” because they initially voted without having all the information. Hey council, do your homework first so your voting flip-flop doesn’t undermine your community’s credibility and undermine trust with your fellow council members.

Matt Brown shared his thoughts on the radio this morning:

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