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LEESBURG – A helicopter crashed near Leesburg International Airport on Tuesday evening.

According to Leesbug Police, Federal Aviation Administration, Leesburg Fire Rescue and other city officials, the helicopter crashed around 4 p.m. during a training exercise in a swampy area near the airport.

On Wednesday morning, officials confirmed that the downed helicopter belonged to Firehawk helicopters, is headquartered at the airport.

Four people were on board – one was confirmed dead. No other survivors were found.

Here is what we know:

Where did this helicopter crash?

The helicopter crashed at the south end of runway 31, between the airport property and the St. Johns River Water Management Conservation Area, according to Leesburg City Manager Al Minner . It is extremely swampy and difficult to access, he said.

From Tuesday evening:Helicopter crashes at Leesburg airport with one confirmed dead

What kind of helicopter was it?

A Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk firefighter, belonging to Firehawk Helicopters. Firehawk operates nine Black Hawks which they use for firefighting, aerial crane work, construction, flight testing, film and television production, and charter flights.

Who was on the helicopter?

We only know that there were four people on board and one was confirmed dead. No further details have yet been released.

Who were the victims of the helicopter crash?

We don’t know yet, only one person has been confirmed dead and no other survivors have been found.

What does the FAA say?

The FAA provided preliminary information on Tuesday evening. Here is their full statement:

“A Sikorsky UH-60 firefighting helicopter crashed into a swamp near Leesburg Airport in Leesburg, Fla., During a training exercise at around 4 p.m. local time today . Four people were on board. The FAA and (National Transportation Safety Board) will investigate. The FAA will release the tail number of the aircraft once investigators verify it at the scene. The NTSB will be responsible for the investigation. and all updates. “

The NTSB was on site to investigate the crash Wednesday morning.

Where did the helicopter come from and where did it fly?

The accident happened during a training exercise, according to the FAA.

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