What does an incredibly fantastic event in Yakima look like?

I wanted to thank moms and dads everywhere! Raising kids isn’t easy, but here you are crushing it. Keep it up and also be sure to take a moment to congratulate yourself. You deserve it.

On the Saturday of Easter weekend, 107.3 KFFM did a live broadcast at McDonald’s on 40th and River Road, teaming up with Yakima Valley Rocks (a free group of rock painting enthusiasts) offering a chance for young and old to go out and paint a rock to take home and keep forever or hide for someone to find in the community.

I’ve been hosting events for over 20 years and I have to say Saturday’s event is one of my top five all-time favourites! Why? YOU, Yakima Valley! McDonald’s staff were on point! General Manager Catalina and Shift Manager X were both dressed as bunnies which was fantastic because so was I! They blew up a giant Ronald McDonald that was bigger than the building all the kids were going wild for! They kept wondering where the entrance was, they kept thinking it was a bouncy house it was so big. Very impressive and very nostalgic.

Children and parents were delighted to be there. I had a mum come up to me towards the end of the event, almost bursting into tears about how much it meant to her and her daughter, being a single mom, they weren’t going to be able to do this to Easter.

I was able to meet listeners who told me their stories, it’s always such a pleasure to hear that you listen and why! The friendliness of everyone and the excitement of the children was at its height without rocking a crazy town and it all ended with an Easter egg hunt in the playground.

PERFECTION ! hee hee

Thank you from the heart! It had been quite a while since we had been able to get together and this was just THE best. What could have been a cold, gray and rainy day was filled with so much sunshine!

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