Under the PSLF program, $140,000 in student loans were forgiven for CTU member Robin Blake Boose. Don’t delay, apply today!

CTU President Stacy Davis Gates sent the following email to members on October 26.

Dear CTU Family:

Shock, disbelief and immense joy. These are some of the words Ashe Elementary teacher Robin Blake Boose uses to describe her feelings when she learned that her $140,000 student loan balance had been forgiven under the program. cancellation of public service loans (PLFS).

She gathered her papers over the summer, asked her principal to verify her employment and filed the pardon application with the Department of Education in August. In September, she received a letter from the US Department of Education congratulating her on repaying her loans.

She didn’t believe it until she glanced at her credit report and saw a bunch of zero balances next to her student loans.

“I was thrilled,” she said. “It’s a big weight on my shoulders.”

When she first considered asking for forgiveness, she was skeptical. But she followed through and it paid off. His message to other CTU members is simple.

“Don’t be discouraged,” she said. “Keep yourself motivated and keep thinking about those zero sales.”

Boose Blake has worked at CPS since 1993 and had the required 10 years of public service to qualify for loan forgiveness. But under new rules in place until October 31, you do not need to have the full 10 years to benefit from the program.

As a civil servant like Robin, your entire student debt balance could be forgiven but you MUST act before October 31. More than 200,000 student borrowers have used these new rules to date and received approximately $13 billion in loan forgiveness. Unfortunately, that’s only about half of those deemed eligible.

Do not be too long. Apply for Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Today. Go to www.aft.org/pslf learn to apply to the PSLF before October 31.

In solidarity,

Stacy Davis Gates, CTU President

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