These windowless planes could be the future of air travel (PHOTOS)

Air travel can look exceptionally cool in the future.

Rosen Aviation came up with an idea that can take flight to the next level, creating renderings of windowless airplanes. They created the design of the Maverick Project aircraft cabin and it has virtual windows.

Calling it the “technology of tomorrow,” windowless aircraft will offer a whole new flying experience.

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“Project Maverick was born out of an attempt to integrate the technology of tomorrow into the aircraft of tomorrow,” said Lee Clark, senior vice president of strategy at Rosen Aviation.

Smart homes are already integrated with modern technology, so why not smart planes? They want to reinvent air travel by bringing in touchless controls, holograms and a sleek, futuristic aesthetic.

The company says more than design, it’s about the passenger experience. They want to create invisible technology.

Photo: Rosen Aviation

Rosen Aviation said the project is designed while working in a private jet. However, they also plan to create a version for commercial use. This will be presented at the Airport Interiors Expo next year.

Virtual windows surround the aircraft. They integrate augmented reality, artificial intelligence and offer an immersive experience. These windows can show the world outside the aircraft using OLED displays. For example, if you are flying over mountains, the screen will show information about that landmark. It will be part of the entertainment on this flight.

windowless planes

Photo: Rosen Aviation

“From an engineering perspective, virtual windows provide many benefits, from structural integrity to lightness to aerodynamics,” says Clark.

The added touchless technology will also improve the experience by adding a more intuitive way to control things.

While Project Maverick is still ongoing and no fixed date has been set, the future of air travel looks bright.

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