The first MC-21 test aircraft flies with PD-14 engines

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) made the first flight of the MC-21 registration 73051 equipped with Russian PD-14 engines.

The test aircraft was the first of the new airliner to make its maiden flight in May 2017, but was initially configured with Pratt & Whitney’s PW1400G engines.

With the economic sanctions of the West, Irkut began the development of the Variant MC-21-310which uses the PD-14 turbojet, produced by Aviadvigatel. Only one prototype, registered 73055, flew with the Russian engine, but the UAC intends to speed up the program and has therefore converted prototype number 1.

The conversion and flight took place at the Irkutsk Aircraft Plant, where some testing will be done before the MC-21 heads to Zhukovsky for the certification program.

The aircraft did not have the modified livery and still displays the designation of the version with PW engines (MC-21-300).

The MC-21 registered 73051 with Aviadvigatel and Pratt & Whitney (UAC and Denis Fedorko) turbojet engines

Certification end of 2022

“The joining of the second aircraft to the PD-14 engine trials is an important milestone within the framework of the MC-21 project and one of the key milestones of the import substitution program, since the turbojet engine is the real “heart” of the the aircraft, which ensures the operation of the main systems of the aircraft, ”celebrated the general director of Irkut Corporation, Andrey Boginsky.

According to him, the goal is to complete certification of the PD-14 engine by the end of 2022.

The MC-21-310, intermediate version, will be able to carry between 163 and 211 passengers, depending on the configuration. UAC should develop the MC-21-400 models, with the largest capacity, and the MC-21-200, the smallest of the three.

Russia aims to field the MC-21 in 2024, which has secured orders from major Russian airlines like Aeroflot, which recently placed an order for 210 aircraft.

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