September 29, 2021 Microsoft Flight Simulator Q&A Recap – FSElite

On Twitch, Jorg, Sebastian, and Martial spent over 2 hours answering questions from the community and sharing more details about the immediate future of Microsoft Flight Simulator. During the Twitch live stream, the three took turns answering chat questions and updating us on Sim Update 6, DirectX 12 for PC, and the future of live weather. You can watch the whole flow above, but we’ve done our best to wrap up the biggest notes from the conversation below.

Sim 6 update

It has been confirmed that the Sim 6 update will be released on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 and will come with “hundreds of improvements” to improve the simulator. This includes changes to a new LOD implementation, which will see shafts adjusted and nighttime lighting will be visible at high altitudes. Additionally, the terrain detail slider will change from 200 to 400 for even high plot distances of terrain, houses, and trees. Along with the visual changes, the flight model has been significantly improved for aerobatic aircraft, which includes instant maneuvering and wake turbulence. Obviously, this is being done in preparation for the Reno Air Racing DLC ​​which will arrive later this year. Aircraft developers will also be able to adjust the behavior of ground effect, lift forces and adverse yaw.

Working title – Stock 747, 787 and G3000 improvement

The Working Title team continues to work with Asobo and Microsoft to improve many aspects of the simulator for many aircraft. Their work on the G1000 continues to impress and their skills will soon be transferred to working on the stock 747, 787 and the G3000. There is no timeline for when it will be. However, Working Title has confirmed that they will be bringing a new flight plan system to Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 6. Finally, they have committed to further improve the Garmin G1000 NXi and CJ4 systems by the end of the year. .

Live weather improvements

Microsoft’s weather partner Metroblue will improve live weather functionality in 2022/23. The plan will be to increase the update interval and density of weather data to make it much more realistic in the future. This includes injecting METAR data into meteorological data so that live weather is much more accurate near airports. As for opening the Weather API to developers, that will be looked into in the future, but at the moment there are licensing restrictions that prevent it from happening anytime soon. Finally, when asked about the visibility conditions, the team said they are difficult to implement but will look into this in the future.


Microsoft has reconfirmed that DirectX 12 will arrive on Microsoft Flight Simulator by the end of the year as an optional setting for simmers.

Virtual reality

Further improvements will be made to VR in future Sim updates. For example, VR controller support will be built into the simulator in the Sim 7 update. Simulation update 6 will see a series of bugs and issues fixed to make the experience more enjoyable.

Gliders, replay functionality, landscape walkway and miscellaneous

In other news, the team found a developer to work with to bring the gliders to the simulator. For those looking to have multiple screen features, this is currently scheduled for 2022. The expected Landscape Gateway, unfortunately, has run into a hitch as they are now looking for a new developer to help bring it to the platform. form. Finally, Microsoft has confirmed that a Sim update scheduled for 2022 will focus on fixing bugs and will not introduce new features.

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