Russia says airliner was forced to change course to avoid NATO reconnaissance plane

Russia’s state aviation authority said on Sunday that an Aeroflot airliner flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow was forced to change altitude over the Black Sea because of CL reconnaissance planes -600 NATO had crossed civilian air routes. According to Russian state media, TASS, the Russian aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, has informed that the Aeroflot flight carrying 142 passengers must have descended 2,000 feet after air traffic control told authorities that another plane had crossed its path.

“On the morning of December 3 at 9:53 a.m. Moscow time, over the open waters of the Black Sea, near the area of ​​responsibility of the Russian air traffic service organizations, the NATO CL600 reconnaissance aircraft took off. operated with an intensive decline from a height of 11,000 to an altitude of 9,200 meters, crossing the air traffic service route established for civilian aircraft. The crew of the reconnaissance aircraft did not respond to repeated requests from air traffic agencies, ”Rosaviatsia said, quoted by the TASS news agency.

In addition, the Russian Aviation Ministry said that the flight routes of two civilian planes were circulating almost simultaneously over the Black Sea. Rosaviatsia informed that a small CL-650 plane flying from the Black Sea resort of Sochi to Skopje had also changed course. However, he did not specify which NATO member the reconnaissance plane belonged to.

Russia will demonstrate through diplomatic channels

Rosaviatsia said that “the increased intensity of NATO aircraft flights near the borders of the Russian Federation, including over the Black Sea, creates the risk of dangerous incidents against civilian aircraft”. In addition, the aviation authorities have announced that Russia now intends to send a protest through diplomatic channels. He also said that the above military aircraft flights without radio communication pose security risks to civil aircraft flights in the Black Sea region.

In the meantime, it should be mentioned that the recent incident comes amid international tensions over Ukraine and the Black Sea region. Ukraine and the NATO powers have accused Russia of building troops near Ukraine, raising fears of a possible attack. Moscow, on the other hand, has denied any such plan and accused Kiev of bolstering its own forces in the east, where Russia-backed separatists control much of Ukrainian territory. The Kremlin has insisted that Ukraine and its Western supporters pretend to cover up their own supposedly aggressive designs.

Image: AP

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