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This new chapter of PhotoHolyGermainis to continue and deploy what we have been building for several years. The galleries will continue to offer a rich and eclectic program, reflecting the diversity of photographic practices. Several exhibitions and original projects are also designed by PhotoHolyThe Germaine team. You can push the door of the Sasori Bar inspired by the legendary Kodoji Bar, an underground and secret place where Tokyo photographers met, discover the Fantographies at the Maison d’Auguste Comte, stroll in front of the boxes of booksellers Bandini Books editions, then walk between The imaginary pyramids ” the fantastic pyramids ”by René Burri on the banks of the Seine.

To this ambitious program is added the desire to give a voice to those who make and think about photography today. This living word is decisive in extending what takes place in the exhibitions and grasping the contemporary issues of the image. PhotoSaintGermain is hosting a program of meetings and debates for this new year and has, for the first time, entrusted curator and editor Inès de Bordas with the production of a podcast. The interest in books and editorial practices, central for years, has led people to bet on mobility.

For its 10th edition, the PhotoHolyThe Germain route extends its field of exploration of photographic creation beyond its left bank anchorage, crosses the Seine, and extends to the right bank.

This extended route, from ÃŽle Saint-Louis to rue Chapon, echoes the Left Bank, the historic publishers district. Today, on the Right Bank, a dynamic map of the creative dialogue between books and photography is emerging.

The common thread that gives the book offers stops in bookstores redesigned by gallery owners, in situ invitations from a new generation of publishers, bookstores-galleries, unique collections of books. From curating books, sometimes rare, to exhibition books, there are so many links and current forms – limited edition, artist’s book, book-work, or self-published, which regenerate the place of the book in photographic creation. .

The path is led by Valérie Fougeirol.


November 4-20, 2021

@photosaintgermain #photosaintgermain

Among all the exhibitions presented at PhotoHolyGermain, L ‘Eyeil de la Photographie has selected and presents six:

La Forest Divonne Gallery: Elsa & Johanna: Palace Odyssée

Galerie La Forest Divonne is exhibiting a new series by the duo Elsa & Johanna, entitled Palace Odyssée, produced at the invitation of Gaël Charbau, artistic advisor to Universcience (Palais de la Découverte and Cité des Sciences) as part of the renovation of the Palace, which closed for four years. Elsa & Johanna performed for two weeks inside the Palais de la Découverte during the summer of 2020.

La Forest Divonne Gallery

12 rue des Beaux-Arts 75006

01 40 29 97 52

Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery: Erwan Venn

Erwan Venn presents images from the Headless series at the Vallois gallery. This set of retouched photographs comes from a collection of family archives discovered by Erwan Venn in 2010. Using image editing software, he takes the bodies of the protagonists: we are therefore obliged to look at the details. without the bodies, in order to observe the gestures. , postures, a collar, a lace or a hanging button.

Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery

33 rue de Seine 75006

01 42 03 17 16

Italian Cultural Institute: Luigi Ghirri – The Marazzi years 1975 – 1985

The Italian Cultural Institute of Paris presents a selection of unpublished photographs by Luigi Ghirri, kept for decades in the archives of the ceramic company Marazzi, an Italian company leader in the production and marketing of ceramic tiles and stoneware.

Commissioner Ilaria Campioli

Italian Cultural Institute

50 rue de Varenne 75007

01 85 14 62 50

A2Z Art Gallery: Luo Yang: All Kinds

“Baling hou” (born after 80 years): the term designates the first generation born under the one-child policy and the economic and opening reforms of Deng Xiaoping after the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Young people who grew up in a world of which they were the center, with the Internet and social networks, in a consumer society totally cut off from previous generations.

Commissioners Bérénice Angremy & Victoria Jonathan

A2Z Art Gallery

24 rue de L’Echaudé 75006

01 56 24 88 88

Institut Gallery & Arenthon Gallery: Intime Picasso, photographs by Jacqueline Picasso

The Institut Gallery and the Arenthon Gallery present in their three spaces an original set of photographs taken by Jacqueline Picasso, the last wife of the great artist. Jacqueline’s gaze invites us into a family and friendly intimacy, close to the creator and his work, in the simplicity of everyday life.

Arenthon Gallery

3 quai Malaquais 75006

01 43 26 86 06

Institute Gallery

12 rue de Seine 75006

and 3 bis rue des Beaux-arts 75006

01 55 42 62 42

Roger-Viollet Gallery: Léon & Lévy

L’Orient en Grand – A panoramic photographic epic.

Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, around 1900, the Léon & Lévy studios sent their photographic operators to travel the world and in particular the eastern Mediterranean. They traveled with their bulky large format cameras using massive 16 × 42 cm glass plates. These unusual dimensions allowed them to obtain horizontal and vertical panoramic views of exceptional quality.

Roger-Viollet Gallery

6 rue de Seine 75006

01 55 42 89 00




Acadamy of Arts

Annie leibovitz

William Klein Award

House of Auguste Comte

Fantography, Images and traces of the Invisible (1850 – 1950)

Commissioners Emmanuelle Fructus and Philippe Baudouin

Eugène Delacroix Museum

Noémie Goudal, Echoes ever more deaf

Cultural centers

Dutch workshop


Blur the lines

Commissioner Jenny Smets

Irish Cultural Center

Donovan Wylie, Lighthouse

Czech Center of Paris

Moving images

Commissioners Denisa Šťastná and Anna Hejmová

Liszt Institute

hungarian cultural center

Pierre Korniss

Italian Cultural Institute

Luigi Ghirri, The Marazzi Years 1975 – 1985

Commissioner Ilaria Campioli


A2Z Art Gallery

Luo Yang, All kinds

Commissioners Bérénice Angremy & Victoria Jonathan

Women’s space

Antoinette Fouque

Anne-Lou Buzot, Amélie Chassary, Juliette-Andréa Elie,

Camille Gharbi and Elsa Leydier, The Experimental # 1

Commissioners Raphaële Bertho and Caroline Stein

Alain le Gaillard Gallery & Le Minotaure Gallery

Joseph Dadoune, INCARNATION

Berthet-Aittouarès Gallery

Antoine Schneck, The Other

Eric Antoine, Useful Lies

Catherine & André Hug Gallery

Another look at the man-made landscape

Daniel Blau Gallery

Meyer Gallery

Jimmy Chin Kiu Lee, Sarah Louise Lordan, Manon Martsch,

3 Under 30

Institute Gallery & Arenthon Gallery

Picasso Intime, photographs by Jacqueline Picasso

Crous Gallery

Fred Cave, Joe Cave and Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques

with the Werkplaats Typografie, Zero Player

Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery

Erwan Venn, headless

Alain Bublex, An American Landscape

La Forest Divonne Gallery

Elsa & Johanna, Odyssey Palace

The tireless gallery

Caroline Corbasson, Pollen

Madé Gallery

Marguerite Bornhauser, Retina Star

Mini Masterpiece Gallery

Yann Delacour, Hand games

Commissioner Béatrice Andrieux

Olivier Waltman Gallery

Philippe Calandre and François Ronsiaux, Novoland

Roger-Viollet Gallery

Léon & Lévy, L’Orient en grand. A photographic epic in panoramic format.

Ségolène Brossette Gallery

Sylvie Bonnot, Baikonur Tour / Vol. 1

Libraries & Pop-ups

delpire & co

Alps Bookshop

To climb up

Booksellers # 2

Port of Solferino

René Burri, The imaginary pyramids

Commissioners Clotilde Blanc Burri and Aurélia Marcadier

Sasori Bar

Commissioner Emilie Lauriola



Clémentine de la Féronnière Gallery

CF House

Binôme Gallery

Throughout the book

European House of Photography

Self-publish, be happy


Organized (book) store

Swiss Cultural Center

The most beautiful Swiss photography books

Swedish institute

Svenska Fotobokspriset, 25 years of the Swedish Photobook Prize

Polka Gallery

Polka & William Klein editions, Mode + Klein

Echo Gallery 119

Shikawatari by Chieko Shiraishi – Higashikawa Prize 2021

Christophe Gaillard Gallery

Laurel Parker Book, Chose Commune, The (M) Editions, The Sunday Editor

Gallery C

Matthieu Gafsou, Exhibition and edition

baudouin lebon

Photographic materiality, Isabelle Blanc, Juliette-Andréa Elie, Dorian François, Mickaël Marchand

Miranda Gallery

Chloe Sells, I’ll be back like lightning


November 4-20, 2021

@photosaintgermain #photosaintgermain

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