OMG, I want to rent this house: County Tipperary, Ireland

Lisheen Castle, County Tipperary (Vrbo): This is the season of gorgeous silken robes, dancing cards, gossiping about the latest courting pairs, and visited ballrooms found only in the best estates and castes. Yes, it’s the season of the return of Bridgerton and in honor of Shonda Rhimes’ latest episode, we think it’s only fitting to put on your best dress and rent a castle. While you prepare the invitations for your week-long prom in the Irish countryside, we recommend that you make sure that no Lady Whistledowns are on your list.

In 2000, the new owners gave Lisheen Castle a completely respectful renovation. Although they have implemented much-needed modernization, they have retained the historic spirit of the centuries-old house, making sure to preserve as much of the original vision as possible, from the furniture to the door handles.

Forget everything your mama taught you (OK, maybe not all) — sharing doesn’t give a damn when you’re on vacation. While some castles rent out their distinguished accommodations by the room (a decidedly undistinguished move), at Lisheen Castle the option is the whole shepherd’s pie or nothing at all. This means that, for just over $1,000, you can secure the castle exclusively for you and yours.

Oh the horrors of having to eat in the same dining room every night. You won’t face such incivility here where you can enjoy the formal 16 person dining room pictured or dine in the more accessible setting of the warm and welcoming kitchen.

Large, cozy fireplaces are a requirement in the Irish countryside. You can sit by the fire and read Sally Rooney’s latest novel or spend time gazing out the window and counting the shades of green of the perfectly manicured grounds, or what we like to call ‘Irish meditation’.

It is just one of three rooms that features a hand-painted fresco on the vaulted ceiling. All three follow this classic rule of interior design: a ceiling mural is never complete until a sophisticated chandelier is installed.

Cozy nooks might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of castles built in the early 19th century, but here’s photographic proof that maybe they should change. We get some major Rapunzel vibes from that staircase and that balcony.

There are nine bedrooms here which can sleep a total of 16 people. No two rooms are the same, each with its own personality and style, which means that while there are plenty of beds to comfortably sleep your entire party, you can keep the battle tradition alive. more living rooms.

We know what you’re thinking: that you’re not actually royalty and the thought of putting on airs and pretending you are has you shivering in your jewel-encrusted kitten heels. Well, we have a little secret that will sweep away this impostor syndrome. Lisheen Castle is also not a real castle. It was originally built as an ancient, gigantic country estate in the 18th century, but at some point in the Victorian era one of the descendants of the original owner decided to add a castle touch thanks to the battlements and turrets that now adorn the exterior.

Because Lisheen Castle is located in the middle of the country, it is a great base for day trips to see much more of Ireland. You can raise the glamorous bar on your holiday and opt to have the castle staff plan a week full of sightseeing entertainment tailored to your crew’s preferences.

If adults are vacationing in the castle of their royal fantasies, it’s only fitting that toddlers have their own palace to fix up during a quality vacation.

If you squint, you might feel like you’re playing Wimbledon when you hit the balls on this court. You know you’ve truly stepped into the aristocracy when you have a tennis court in your own (temporary) backyard.

Ah, yes – we wouldn’t forget about the required armor. This East a castle after all.

Now it’s time for our favorite pick that isn’t really a pick at all: will your party use this industrial chef’s kitchen to whip up your 16-person feasts, or will you take advantage of the owners’ offer to connect with a catering team? There is only one correct answer.

When you’re a member of the landed gentry, your closest neighbors are often of the four-legged variety, making for a particularly picturesque sight. In Bridgerton, families throw balls at each other to assert their dominance in society. We recommend modernizing this concept by planning a vacation that will be the subject of gossip for generations to come…or at least until next summer.

Book your stay: Lisheen Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland: $1,230/night through Airbnb

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