Now, IAF Heritage Center to take flight by October: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Dushyant Singh Pundir

Chandigarh, August 20

The country’s first Indian Air Force (IAF) Heritage Center is expected to open to the public by October this year.

Simulator, plane and much more

  • The center is coming to the Government Press Building, Sector 18, and will have eight attractions
  • It will house a flight simulator in addition to displaying decommissioned aircraft, aero engines and other IAF artifacts
  • The Gnat plane, famous in 1971, which shot down several Pak Saber planes, and a MiG-27 will also be on display
  • It will be maintained by UT, while the weapons and other equipment will be put in place by the IAF

Previously, a deadline had been set for the center to be ready for inauguration on Independence Day, but it had to be delayed as some works were incomplete. A UT administration official said IAF officers had been ordered to speed up the works so they could be opened as soon as possible. He said, however, that the center would likely be completed by October.

The center, housed in the Government Press Building, Sector 18, will feature eight attractions, including model aircraft and a weapons display.

The biggest attraction, however, will be a flight simulator. In addition, informative exhibits including aero engines, aircraft, kiosks, and other Air Force artifacts such as machinery/facilities, achievement films, and personalities and guides, will also be put in place. A souvenir shop will also open at the museum.

The vintage plane Gnat, famous in 1971, which shot down several Pakistani Saber planes, and a MiG-27 have already reached the center.

Commissioned in 1985, the MiG-27 was an integral part of the IAF’s combat force. The center will be maintained by the UT administration and the weapons and other equipment will be put in place by the IAF.

The administration of UT and the IAF had signed a memorandum of understanding on the creation of the center in June. It will contain simulators, decommissioned aircraft, aircraft engines and other IAF artifacts. The center will also feature exhibits on virtual reality and AI technology.

The center will have artifacts and interactive panels to showcase the different facets of the IAF. It will highlight the vital role played by the service in various wars and the assistance provided for humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

The center will highlight the crucial role of the IAF in various wars and the assistance provided by the IAF for civilian air operations.

The Chief of Air Staff displayed a model replica of an IAF aircraft propeller as the center’s first IAF artifact. The heritage center will raise awareness, especially among students, of the IAF’s role and contribution to national security and defence.

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