NJ offers free in-home COVID testing on demand for the holidays


TRENTON – The New Jersey Department of Health and Vault Medical Services announce a new phase in their COVID-19 testing partnership: a home saliva test that Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli called a “critical measure on Monday To contain the virus as winter approaches.

“This free PCR test provides increased accessibility to COVID testing and is a simple 10 or 15 minute process that can be done in the privacy of your home,” Persichilli said. “This federally funded home alternative helps expand testing options for all who need it.”

COVID hospitalizations in New Jersey had climbed to 1,650 as of Monday’s update, with Thanksgiving now in the rearview mirror but Christmas and New Years, and cold weather forcing people inside, again future.

“With the increase in cases, vacation gatherings, and travel, you want to protect yourself, especially if you don’t feel well or think you’ve been exposed, even though you don’t have any symptoms,” Persichilli said.

The Vault test is currently available at “many sites,” according to Persichilli, but free test kits can be requested online.

Other home tests available for purchase at drugstores and other retail outlets can cost $ 40 each or more.

When someone orders this kit, it will be shipped via UPS with next day delivery, according to the commissioner.

“Once received, individuals will connect via Zoom with a Vault healthcare professional, who will walk them through the test and answer any questions,” said Persichilli.

Once a person has administered their test, they can return it by UPS the next day in a prepaid package.

The results will be given 24 to 48 hours after the arrival of a sample at the laboratory.

Persichilli said these results will then be automatically shared with local public health officials, who will initiate contact tracing if a test is positive.

To request a free test kit, go to learn.vaulthealth.com/nj/.

Patrick Lavery is the anchor for the New Jersey 101.5 afternoon news. Follow it on Twitter @ plavery1015 or send an email to [email protected]

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