Long-awaited aircraft noise results from Brisbane due to land next month

“Airservices is committed to reviewing opportunities to improve noise outcomes for the community of Brisbane and to advancing options deemed safe and feasible, in consultation with the community and industry,” said a spokesperson. word.


“Airservices also invited Trax to present the findings of its final report, when completed, and to discuss potential opportunities for improvement at community workshops to be held in the second half of this year.”

Airservices Australia has not asked Trax to investigate a curfew for Brisbane Airport.

Aircraft noise became a prominent issue in Greater Brisbane after the new parallel runway opened in mid-2020. It was also raised at an election forum at the Brisbane headquarters in April.

Ross Musgrave, who chairs a community forum interested in the review of Brisbane airport, previously told reporters that experts believed a curfew would be ineffective as it would lead to additional flights in the immediately preceding period.

Musgrave declined to comment on Tuesday.

Trax asked Brisbane Airport Corporation and Airservices Australia to test one runway for arrivals and one for departures, depending on wind direction.

This could maximize the number of flights over Moreton Bay, reducing noise over the suburbs.

“Experience from similar airports suggests that a separate runway mode of operation can be configured to deliver between 30 and 36 arrivals and departures per hour,” the Trax report states.


“This level of hourly throughput was achieved with a single runway operation in 2019 and does not involve any significant change in the new existing parallel runway airspace design to be provided.”

Although no election candidate has argued for more flights over the suburbs, Evans said this week he needed to be re-elected to get results.

“One of the big risks of this election is that if there is a change of horses, so to speak, some of these great recommendations may be mishandled or not converted into wins the community desires” , did he declare. mentioned.

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