Letter: Newhouse’s hypocrisy on loans is shameful | Opinion

To the editor – I may be slower than most voters on “things to know” before an election. I had no idea when a local congressional candidate’s TV ads started claiming that our incumbent was “lining his pockets with taxpayers’ money.”

I eventually found an investigative report that said Newhouse Farms had accepted a $313,000 loan under the payroll protection program during the pandemic.

The Newhouse Farms loan (plus interest) was cancelled.

So far, I haven’t had any problems with our holder. Government money has gotten many companies and their employees through one of the strangest historical events in our lifetime.

Still, I was curious if Mr. Newhouse was consistent on who should receive the loan forgiveness, so I Googled, “Dan Newhouse and the loan forgiveness.”

It turns out that Mr. Newhouse strongly opposed the forgiveness of student loans. Apparently some people deserved loan forgiveness, some didn’t.

Puzzled, I dug deeper until I hit the ground. Students of color carried more than their share of student debt because they had fewer resources and needed larger loans.

It finally made sense. Politicians opposed to the cancellation of student loans belonged almost entirely to one major party. Their leader – Donald Trump – is constantly hissing white nationalism.

Shame on Dan Newhouse for accepting such hypocrisy.



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