Lavazza: Calendar 2023 by Alex Prager: YES! were open

The “cafés”, whatever the country, are the place where people meet spontaneously and where everyone is welcome. Friendly, you can meet people of all origins, all social classes, all religions. Each of them is an actor, playing the main role in his own story. In 30 years of calendars, Lavazza has told us the stories of many of these people, mixing dreams and reality over a cup of coffee.

For its 2023 calendar, Lavazza chose the American photographer Alex Prager. She produced her work under the title “YES! were open”. She embodies the beauty of a humanity that regains its vitality and curiosity, expresses its individuality and connects people. A way for Lavazza to reaffirm its freedom of thought and expression, to remind everyone that they have been in business since 1895.

If Alex Prager is an artist who likes happy endings and spectacular settings, she is also very sensitive to popular culture and street photography. In her work, she likes to merge past and present to create a sense of ambiguity. His images are both familiar and disturbing, depicting worlds that synthesize fiction and reality and evoke a sense of nostalgia. She cultivates surrealism by creating emotional moments that feel like memories or fabricated dreams.

In this series, wide shots alternate with close-ups in a meticulous construction and a subtly provocative humor. His inspirations are as much classic Hollywood cinema as hyperrealism or pop iconography to offer images that refer to humanity and connection in an ever-changing and often unreliable world. Because whatever our origins, our emotions are the same and unite us in our differences.

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