Kenosha County ADRC Durable Medical Equipment Lending Firm Seeks Donations | Local News

KENOSHA – The Kenosha County Disability and Aging Resource Center’s durable medical equipment loan and supply closet is in need of donations.

Stock is low for the following items: manual and transport wheelchairs; bath benches; shower chairs; bed rails; knee scooters; walkers and walkers; dressers; incontinence products, pull-ups only, all sizes.

Individuals in need of durable medical equipment for short- or long-term use, who are not enrolled in one of Wisconsin’s long-term care programs, such as Family Care, IRIS, and Partnership, may contact CCRA to request an item. If you have items you have borrowed that you no longer need, please drop them off or call for a pickup.

If you have gently used or new items you would like to donate, or if you need medical equipment or supplies, call Steve at ADRC, 262-605-6667, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. h, to make arrangements. Privileged appointments. The center asks that all items be cleaned and disinfected prior to donation.

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