Jordanian artist Raya Kasssieh shows her courage in her first solo exhibition

Faten Amal Harby

With: Nelly Karim, Fadia Adel Ghany, Mohamed Al-Tagy

Where: MBC Shahid

When examining the crowded Ramadan television landscape, in which little is known about each series before it drops at the start of the holy month, one question usually proves most relevant: who is playing? This is a star-driven business, after all, and as a general rule, series featuring the region’s most popular and respected actors tend to be the ones worth watching. Last year’s “Newton’s Cradle”, starring Mona Zaki, proved to be by far the most popular Arabic-language series of the year, finding renewed success when it hit Netflix at the end of the year. year. This year’s biggest hit may well feature another of Egypt’s most beloved stars in Nelly Karim. “Faten Amal Harby” follows a divorced mother who comes into conflict with her former stepmother over custody of her two daughters as she attempts to remarry, and it promises to be an honest look at the struggles she faces. women face in the modern world. Egypt.

‘Bab Al Hara’

With: Najah Safkouni, Jalal Shamout, Salma Al-Masri

Where: Starzplay

One of the most popular shows in the history of Arab television returns for its 12th season. “Bab Al-Hara” is a decades-long saga that follows a family in Damascus, Syria during the interwar period, when the country was struggling to free itself from French colonial rule. The show was a phenomenon in the mid-2000s, with its second season reportedly watched by 50 million viewers, and it has maintained its popularity for over 15 years since its debut in 2006. The final season follows the same family in the Al-Dabe’ neighborhood. While the cast of characters has grown increasingly sprawling over its many seasons – a rarity for Ramadan series – the show, through its ups and downs, is still a go-to for many families of the region.


Starring: Nasser Al-Qasabi, Abdullah Al-Sinani, Habib Al-Habib, Reem Abdullah

Where: MBC Shahid

The popular Saudi drama returns for its third season. Each season so far has brought a different decade to life, with the first series tackling the changes of the Kingdom in the 1970s and the sequel capturing the 1980s. decade in which political and cultural events shook the lives of people in Riyadh and elsewhere. While the show shone a spotlight on the intergenerational struggles that helped shape modern Saudi Arabia, it also sparked much debate on Saudi social media, leading to an expanded dissection of the Kingdom’s recent history. As the series draws closer to the present, the third season promises to be the most talked about yet, all told with the style and flair that made the series a phenomenon in the Kingdom.

‘El Meshwar’

With: Mohamed Ramadan, Dina El-Sherbiny, Ahmed Magdy

Where: MBC Shahid

Mohamed Ramadan is arguably the most controversial superstar in the entire Arab world. But the Egyptian actor and rapper is undeniably one of the most popular figures on Arab television, and during Ramadan each year the 33-year-old tends to reinvent himself; pushing into new territory. In “Zelzal” in 2019, he played a man who lost everything in an earthquake. In 2020’s “The Prince” he played the reluctant new head of a sprawling family after his parents died, and 2021’s “Mousa” explored 1940s Egypt with heavy drama and an occasional comedic twist. . In “El Meshwar,” Ramadan has his most interesting screen partner yet, teaming up with Egyptian actress Dina El-Sherbiny (“Horoob Etirari: Forced Escape,” “Detention Letter”) as husband and wife. woman caught in the throes of a curse, in what is billed as a horror/suspense series from acclaimed writer Mariam Naoum, who is also writing the upcoming “The Alexandria Killings”.

‘Sanawat Al-Jarish’

With: Hayat Al-Fahad, Hamad Al-Omani, Laila Al-Samman

Where: Dubai TV

In 2020, the Kuwaiti drama “Umm Haroun” became the most discussed Ramadan series of the year. So all eyes are on Kuwait’s 73-year-old first lady of drama Hayat Al-Fahad this year as she once again explores the lesser-known moments in Gulf history. “Sanawat Al-Jarish” (Years of El Jarish) chronicles the years of drought that the Gulf region faced during World War II. Al-Fahad herself claimed that the story is based on reality and aims to educate younger generations in the Gulf about the lives of their ancestors, the hardships they faced and how tragic wars can be. The show’s poster invokes the writings of renowned Palestinian writer Mahmoud Darwish, quoting his poem “War will end” – “War would end/Leaders shake hands/And this woman will wait for her martyred son.”

‘Suitable for Arabia’

With: Asser Yassin, Ahmed Dawoud, Tara Emad, Saba Mubarak

Where: NSO

A version of “Suits” tailor-made for the Arab world? Talk about bespoke. A reimagining of the popular American series that ran for nine acclaimed seasons from 2011 to 2019, “Suits Arabia” brings together some of the region’s biggest names in front of and behind the camera, including Asser Yassin and Ahmed Dawoud as the main duo of the ‘episode. , and Tara Emad (pictured) as Rachel, a role that once introduced both the world and Prince Harry himself to Megan Markle. The show, co-written by superstar producer Mo Hefzy (“Perfect Strangers”, “Paranormal”, “Sheikh Jackson”), focuses on two men in a ruthless law firm – one with falsified credentials and a photographic memory, and the other an elite closer to the intention of keeping his friend’s secret. With a long-term future planned, the first two seasons of the show will air over 30 episodes during Ramadan, with a slight modification to the format of the original show to deliver new surprises while capturing what global audiences entire loved of the original.

‘Lahme with Bas’

With: Mohammad Orfali

Where: Discovery+

Need a break from intense soap operas? Syrian leader Mohammad Orfali has you covered. After all, how could we talk about the month of Ramadan without highlighting the wonderful and incomparable food that every iftar and sahoor brings? On “Lahme w Bas,” the award-winning chef and co-founder of Orfali Bros Bistro – named the sixth best restaurant of 2021 in the MENA region by 50 Best earlier this year – takes viewers on a journey as he prepares a mix of traditional and international meat dishes.

The cooking show will be divided into courses, covering starters, salads, sides and mains, all designed to inspire the next day’s iftar and sahoor. This is your chance to gain insight into one of the region’s brightest rising stars, helping you emulate a style all his own.

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