It’s almost time to declare victory in the Schneider Springs fire


Another day in the fight against the Schneider Springs fire as firefighters begin to take full control of the blaze that has been burning for months.

Officials from the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest say the fire did not develop overnight and remains at 107,118 acres. However, the firefighters were able to gain more control. The fire was 49% under control on Tuesday. Today, the fire is at 55% containment with more containment expected today.


As the days go by, firefighters and equipment are removed from the fire lines. At the height of the fire, more than 700 firefighters and resources were dedicated to the blaze. Today, more than 300 people and resources remain on the lines of fire at the Schneider Springs Fire.
As of Wednesday, the number is at 393 resources, including crews (9); Motors (22); Bulldozers (1); Air resources (2); Other heavy equipment (14).
The helicopters spilling water on the fire are based at Yakima Airport and fly to and from the airport during the day to refuel.

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest officials say;

Cool temperatures and high humidity are forecast on the fire again today. Crews will continue to take advantage of the resulting calmer behavior of the fire to perform repairs, patrol, monitor, clean up, build containment lines. and transport equipment. Thanks to the hard work of the fire crews, many of the incident objectives are well on their way to being met and the fire officials are preparing to hand over command of the fire to a fire management team. type 3 incidents Thursday evening. “

Closures: Closures on Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest lands remain in effect. More information can be found at: Washington Department of Natural Resources (WADNR) lands continue to have restrictions on campfires. Since September 16, the lands managed by WADNR outside the fire zone have been open. For more information:

Firefighters hope for total containment by October 1, but the fight continues until that date.

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