Is it a weed? Show us a picture to know what grows

Found a new plant in your garden and not sure if it’s a weed or not? The Eurobodalla Council’s Invasive Species Team can help.

Weeds were known to invade valuable habitats, threaten industries and impact livelihoods.

Natural Resources Officer Lily Berry is on a mission to help prevent the spread of weeds in order to protect native plants, animals and agriculture.

However, “we need your help to stop them,” says Ms Berry.

“The best control strategy is to keep weeds out. If they seep in, get on them quickly before they spread.

Ms Berry said residents of Eurobodalla have noticed new plants appearing as the weather gets warmer.

“It can be difficult to identify weeds; a lot of people confuse them with native plants,” she said.

To help in the county’s war on weeds, the council’s invasive species team has started a weed identification program to help the community figure out what to keep and what to dig up.

If you see a plant that might be a weed and want to know more:

• To take a picture

• Note the location

• Send it to [email protected]

Above: Is it a weed or a weed?

“If you are unsure of what is growing in your garden, send clear photos of the whole plant, close-ups of leaves, flowers and fruit or seed capsules and we can identify it for you” , Ms. Berry said.

“We can help identify and suggest control options.”

The Invasive Species Team was also traveling around the county providing face-to-face advice.

“Come visit us at our weed roadshow in Batemans Bay and Narooma to learn more about weeds in the county and some handy tips on identifying weeds,” Ms. Berry said.

Visit Ms. Berry and the team at:

  • Narooma Plaza, Saturday October 22, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

  • Batemans Bay Bunnings, Saturday, November 19, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

An exhibition will also be installed at Turnbull’s Moruya from 7 to 14 November.

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