iPhone 14 Pro takes a step back in close-up

Lux, the Apple Design Award-winning photography studio behind the Halide app, has had some time with Apple’s latest wearable device, and field testing has revealed something surprising. The iPhone 14’s main camera is indeed equal to or better than what we already have on the iPhone 13 in many ways, but it has a problem with focusing on close-up subjects.

According to data from Lux, the iPhone 14 has a minimum focus distance of 7.8 inches (200 mm), an increase of about 2 inches from the minimum distance of 5.9 inches (150 mm ) possible with the iPhone 13. That 2-inch jump probably won’t have any noticeable effect when taking most photos or video, but it can cause issues when you want to capture something up close. Specifically, Lux thinks the distance change will cause the iPhone 14 to switch between the standard and ultra-wide camera more often than the iPhone 13.

You’ll still be able to take close-up shots with the updated ultra-wide camera (which has the same 20mm minimum focus distance found in the iPhone 13). But if you’ve ever tried to snap photos of something this close, you’re probably familiar with the annoyance of seeing your framing change dramatically as the iPhone switches from camera to camera without warning.

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