How to register a plane in Nigeria

As can be seen in my last article on aviation law (How to Acquire an Air Transport License and Air Operator License in Nigeria), the Nigerian Aviation Regulatory Framework contains detailed specifications on how to obtain certain participatory permits.

This article will be more focused on the subject of Aircraft Registrations in Nigeria with particular emphasis on the following topics:-

– The regulatory agencies in charge of aircraft registrations in Nigeria.

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– Requirements for aircraft registrations in Nigeria.

– Who is eligible to register an aircraft in Nigeria.

East plane registration obligatory in Nigeria?

Yes, it is, otherwise operating an unregistered aircraft can result in a wide range of civil and criminal liabilities.

Who government agency is in charge of plane registration in Nigeria?

The government agency responsible for aircraft registrations in Nigeria is the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

Who is eligible at have a plane registered in Nigeria?

An aircraft is eligible for registration if it belongs to: –

– A Nigerian citizen.

– An individual alien legally admitted for permanent residence in Nigeria.

– A legally incorporated company doing business under the laws of Nigeria if the aircraft is based and primarily operated in Nigeria.

– A Nigerian government entity or political subdivision.

– A foreigner who has leased the aircraft from one of the persons described above provided that:-

a). the aircraft can only remain on the Nigerian register as long as the lease remains in force;

b). the registration certificate includes the names and addresses of the tenants;

vs). the aircraft is no more than 22 years old and not registered under the laws of any state other than Nigeria.

What are the terms for plane registration in Nigeria?

Once the aircraft has been assessed and found acceptable for issuance of a certificate of registration, it is required to submit the following documents to the authority:-

– A certificate or notice of deregistration from the previous state of registration or a letter from the state of manufacture, if the aircraft is new and has never been registered in another state, confirming the non-registration.

– Documents proving the ownership of the aircraft, for example a bill of sale.

– A copy of a government-issued identification or other authority-approved identification.

– A Certified True Copy (CTC) of a Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission if the aircraft is owned by a corporation.

– Names of the directors of the company owning or renting the aircraft.

– A CTC of the lease agreement if the aircraft is on lease with proof of payment of all applicable stamp duty.

– A CTC of the power of attorney executed by the owner/lessor and the lessee of the aircraft.

– A CTC of a current aircraft insurance certificate.

– Proof of payment of the prescribed fees.

– A CTC of an Air Transport License (ATL), Air Operator License (AOL) or Non-Revenue Flight Permit (PNCF).

What is the procedure for the allocation of plane registration Brands?

Aircraft registration marks can be reserved after payment of a reservation fee which will be valid for 6 months.

Aircraft registration marks will be assigned to applicants in order with the prefix 5N-.

Special registration marks of the applicant’s choice may be assigned upon written request when available and are at an additional charge in addition to the regular aircraft registration fee.

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