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winter landscapes

Capture the beauty and majesty of cold winter landscapes, working flawlessly in harsh conditions (Image credit: future)

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In this issue, our main article is about shooting winter landscape scenes. As the northern hemisphere enters its coldest months, the landscape transforms into a minimalist canvas with little detail. This brings unique benefits and challenges, so be sure to dive into our guide. You will learn how to work with complex exposure conditions, achieve superior focus and sharpness, and create exquisite minimalist compositions. With the help of a landscaper Andy Mumford (opens in a new tab)you will photograph your most beautiful landscapes in all weathers.

Professional fashion portrait

Do you think fashion is all about photographing on the catwalks? Think again and learn essential transferable skills! (Image credit: future)

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When someone mentions fashion photography, it conjures up images of glitzy fashion shows in Milan, Paris or New York. While these certainly play a role in high-end fashion shoots, there’s plenty more to the genre and you can get involved today. In our second feature article in this issue, we take a close look at the key skills needed to capture artistic portraits using both natural and artificial lighting. Learn to work with other creative people, find inspiration in the world around you, and organize your ideas, to create beautiful, thoughtful portraits with environmental themes.

Shoot with one lens and natural light

Veteran photographer Jeremy Flint explains how to capture an outdoor portrait with minimal gear (Image credit: future)

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Photo kit is expensive and in the current climate things are tight. So this professional photographer tutorial Jeremy Flint (opens in a new tab) came at the right time! Jeremy explains how to create images outdoors using minimal kit – a lens and no flash to be precise. Learn about Jeremy’s shooting and editing steps for perfect color and exposure.

Modern street photos

Street photography in the modern era is a hot topic and in this pro issue Alistair Campbell (opens in a new tab) embarks on a photo walk around the city of Bath to show how to use current photo technology for timeless images. (Image credit: future)

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Winter wonders: the best cameras for shooting this season

Canon, Nikon, Lumix or Sony? We pitted four hard-hitting cameras against each other to determine which model is best suited for shooting in wintry lighting conditions and cold environments. Make your choice! (Image credit: future)

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