From space invaders to starbursts – add compact gobos for creative photo lighting

For those with a creative flair who want to use artificial light to simulate natural light, its shadows, and everything in between, Nanlite’s latest Bowens mount projection accessory is just the ticket to get your juices flowing. .

Nanlite’s FZPJBM projection accessory is available in 19° and 36° versions, compatible with the S-type Bowens mount, making the fixture compatible with the Forza 200, Forza 300/300B, Forza 500, FS-150, FS -200 and FS-300.

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It features a refined optical coating system with improved transmittance and CCT accuracy, which is designed to minimize color fringing around the edge of the illumination circle, excellent light quality is achieved – resulting in uniformity of 94%, 0.5% distortion and 95% accuracy.

Features include a special extinction treatment on the inner wall, which makes the image more homogeneous and the edge of the illumination circle sharper, and an aspherical lens which has been designed to effectively eliminate aberrations with increased uniformity and reduce distortion.

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With an aluminum alloy die-cast metal body, the FZPJBM strikes the balance between durability and weight. It also uses an all-new yoke that aims for unwavering sturdiness while achieving a high angle of downward illumination that meets the demands of close-range lighting setups at high angles (such as when shooting a food photography project or getting a hero shot while filming).

This smart device is also able to offer both a 5/8″ baby mount and a 1-1/8″ junior pin, allowing the FZPJBM to be mounted on many types of light stands.

The kit also includes a set of four “B” size gobos for creating intricate light patterns, adding texture to backgrounds and layers to images, and a “Gel” frame that can be added easily to forward to correct color casts. It’s an amazing option to have, making gobos available at an accessible level, and having something that can mimic dappled natural light that you can just “click” on.

The optional adjustable iris also makes it easy to control the size of the illumination circle via a convenient focusing mechanism. All in all, it looks like a great all-in-one solution for complex lighting that eliminates all the hassle and keeps it in a unified form for easy use, use, and teardown.

What is a gobo?

The term gobo stands for “intermediate object”, and are generally objects that go between your subject and the light source to create artificial shadows. Also known as a cucoloris (or “cookie”) in the film industry, it can be used to create a natural-looking environment, such as simulating light streaming through a window.

Indeed, gobos can be used in many lighting situations for photographic and cinematographic purposes. The most important thing to note when using a gobo is the distance to your subject; too close and your shadows will be very sharp, with solid hard edges, while the farther you get from the subject, your shadows will be softer.

Gobos are a very handy tool and once mastered you can create stunning visuals that look like they were naturally lit, rather than shot in a studio with controlled lighting.

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