“Flight” circuits over the Death Valley offered

Provided there is enough support, limited aircraft tours over Death Valley National Park could become a reality as the National Park Service and Federal Aviation Administration seek public comment on the plan, according to public information officer Abby Wines.

The plan would only apply to commercial tourist flights, rather than personal pilots or military planes.

“Death Valley National Park, over 90 percent wilderness, is a great place to come and experience natural calm and seclusion while hiking or camping,” Wines said in a statement from hurry. “While commercial air routes conflict with these values, limiting them to just two per year allows for a variety of recreation, including flights, while protecting the experiences of the nearly two million visitors per year who come to the park. Valley of Death National. “

Limited visits

The proposed plan, the statement said, would allow up to two commercial air tours per year.

Helicopter aerial tours would be permitted to fly above 1,000 feet, while fixed-wing aircraft tours would be permitted to fly above 1,500 feet.

Air circuits are said to be limited to seven flight routes, all of which will avoid flying within a mile of particularly sensitive locations such as Timbisha village and Scotty Castle, the statement said.

Public comment can be provided by logging into parkplanning.nps.gov/DeathValleyATMP until August 28, 2021.

There will also be a virtual public meeting on Tuesday, August 17, from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., where it can be streamed live at https://youtu.be/mqWiaVorP3Y.

Death Valley National Park, along with some other parks, are required to establish an aerial tour management plan by what is known as the National Park Aerial Tour Management Act, the statement said. .

Additional general information is available at nps.gov/subjects/sound/airtours.htm.

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