Even generations cannot repay loans taken out under Imran Khan’s government: PM Shehbaz Sharif

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addressing a public rally in Mansehra, May 29, 2022. – YouTube / PTV

MANSEHRA: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Saturday that Pakistan’s generations cannot repay loans taken out under Imran Khan’s government.

“[Ex-premier] Imran Khan’s government has taken out such large loans that our generations may not be able to repay them,” the prime minister told a public rally in Manshera.

The Prime Minister held the public rally in Mansehra two days after addressing the nation following the massive rise in the prices of petroleum products.

The prime minister said his government was being forced to raise oil prices as the previous regime let the public treasury “empty”.

Prime Minister Shehbaz acknowledged the people’s “pain” over rising inflation, but blamed the PTI-led government for the problem and said his team would work to reduce it.

Lashing out at Khan, the prime minister said he failed to deliver on his promise of five million houses during his tenure. “But we have, to cushion the effect of inflation on people, announced a package of subsidies.”

“If I have the chance, I will turn Khyber Pakhtunkhwa into Punjab,” he vowed, issuing an ultimatum to KP CM Mahmood Khan to reduce the price of wheat in the province.

The prime minister called himself a “servant of Pakistan” and branded Khan a “misbeliever” – in reference to riots this week in Islamabad and across the country that left three people dead, including a policeman.

“I will fight to the end for the prosperity of the people,” he added.

Speaking about the local government elections in Balochistan, the Prime Minister said that they were conducted peacefully throughout. “The turnout was 30% to 35%.”

Prime Minister Shehbaz said people in Balochistan have now started to believe in the province.

Ahead of Prime Minister Shehbaz, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz addressed the jalsa, where she hailed the recent steps taken by the incumbent government for the “prosperity” of Pakistan.

The PML-N leader said the Prime Minister was the “true servant of the people, who had worked day and night for the development of Punjab, and under him the destiny of Pakistan would change”.

She said Khan had “hurt” Pakistan, but assured Prime Minister Shehbaz and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif would heal the wounds.

Speaking of the “Azadi march”, Maryam said Khyber Pakhtunkhwa rejected the long march based on “violence and brutality”. She berated Khan for “wasting” the KP people’s hard-earned money on her march.

Maryam said taxpayers’ money could have been used to establish schools and colleges in the province, but the PTI president thought it best to use them for his march.

The PML-N leader noted that the ousted prime minister used the KP CM helicopter for travel, while some of the jalsa cars bore government license plates.

She said Khan had promised people to hold a sit-in, but in the morning – when the march reached Islamabad – he “ran away” calling it off.

Maryam chastised the PTI president for asking young Pakistanis to lay down their lives for his march, but did not ask his own children to come back from London and take part in the anti-government campaign.

She said that revolutions don’t come by helicopters or parachutes” – taking a jibe from PTI leaders who jumped ships. “

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