Electra completes the sale of the 1,000th sustainable eSTOL aircraft

Welojets signs a large order at NBAA-BACE

MANASSAS, Va., October 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Electra.aero, Inc. (“Electra”), a next-generation aerospace company with a mission to help decarbonize aviation and open up new air travel markets, announced today today that it had signed a letter of intent bringing the total order book to 1,000 aircraft worth more than $3 billion. The aircraft sale has been signed with private air mobility provider Welojets, LLC for 32 electric short take-off and landing (eSTOL) aircraft at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (BACE) in Orlando Florida. (Access the photo HERE after the end of the embargo)

Welojets joins a wide range of customers for Electra’s climate-friendly eSTOL aircraft, including city and regional airlines, charter operators, VIP transport, medical and emergency response transport and helicopter operators . Electra’s customers are both established aircraft operators as well as new entrants who are redefining the way we move and transport goods using Electra’s next-generation eSTOL aircraft, and include Bristow Group, flyv, EBIRD, Harbor Air, Tailwind Air, Ravn Alaska, MintAir, Everts Air Cargo, Yugo, Gold Aviation, Skyportz, Flapper, Northwest Seaplanes and El Azufre Resort. The global reach of Electra’s backlog means customers will fly into the United States, Latin America, Europe, South East Asiaand Australia.

Welojets today flies business jets everywhere Europe and the Americas and is looking for ways to expand into new markets in a sustainable way. With a workforce positioned in more than 20 strategic locations around the world, the company is poised to evolve as a global leader in pushing private aviation to air mobility solutions and eSTOL aircraft operations. .

Electra is currently developing an eSTOL hybrid aircraft that will allow people and goods to move more quickly, safely and at lower cost within urban and regional networks. The aircraft’s ability to take off and land in a space the size of a football field while cruising at 175 knots, with in-flight battery recharging, enables flight operations from locations previously inaccessible by flight, including converted car parks, barges and very short landing strips. The piloted fixed-wing aircraft will initially carry up to nine passengers or 2,500 pounds of cargo up to 400 nautical miles in all weather conditions.

“We are thrilled to have Welojets by our side on this incredible journey to decarbonize aviation and bring air mobility to entirely new markets. Our silent, ultra-short takeoff and landing aircraft offers a step change in the fuel consumption and reduced operating costs and opens up markets previously inaccessible to conventional fixed-wing aircraft,” said John LangfordFounder and CEO of Electra.

“Welojets fully embraces the electric aviation revolution, and we are excited to work with Electra to deliver cleaner, cost-effective flights for our customers,” said Alfredo Lisdero, President of Welojets. “We plan to fly the Electra eSTOL aircraft at existing airports and use it to expand our operations into new markets that cannot currently be served with traditional fixed-wing aircraft. performance of the Electra aircraft, we see many opportunities to grow our services through Europe and Latin America.”

About Electra.aero
Electra.aero, Inc. is a next-generation aerospace company leading the way in sustainable urban and regional mobility. The company builds clean, hybrid-electric, ultra-short take-off and landing (eSTOL) aircraft that carry people and cargo quieter, farther and at lower cost. Electra’s technology offers 2.5 times the payload and 10 times the range with 70% lower operating costs than vertical take-off alternatives with significantly less certification risk, proving that the technology climate-friendly can also be profitable. Electra’s team includes some of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs and engineers in innovative aircraft design, and its technology development is supported by NASA and the US Air Force Agility Prime program.

About Welojets
Welojets, LLC is a global air mobility company with access to over 7,000 certified aircraft worldwide. We deliver a diverse inventory of fully equipped jets, turboprops, helicopters, airliners, cargo planes and even medical aircraft. Our multicultural team is the fuel that takes us to new heights, with team members in over 20 locations around the world, passionate about delivering tailored air travel solutions to our customers.

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