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BALTIMORE – America’s Navy and Navy Recruiting Command hosted Navy Promotional Days (NPD) in Baltimore, September 7-11, as part of the Navy’s national search for the best and brightest students who have what it takes to excel in a high-demand, state-of-the-art field. the fields.

Throughout the week-long visit, the NPD team, made up of NRC officers and Sailors assigned to Navy Talent Acquisition Group Philadelphia, visited the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Mergenthaler High School , Morgan State University, and hosted an exercise with American Legion Cadets, Fort McHenry Division to promote awareness of career opportunities in the Navy.

During school visits, enlisted officers and sailors spoke on a variety of topics in classroom presentations, including education and scholarships offered by the Navy. The NPDs also presented an immersive virtual reality experience, housed in a massive 18-wheeled truck, named Nimitz, which allowed participants to experience a Navy SEAL virtual reality mission of piloting a special high-speed combat vehicle (SWCC ).

“As an instructor here, I try to explain the navy to the students, but having the experience of the sailors and Nimitz here actually demonstrates the whole concept of what service is,” he said. said Michael Wilkinson, a retired naval science instructor. at Mergenthaler High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. “The Navy visit to our school is an excellent awareness tool for the community and the students. Interacting with sailors and active duty officers educates these children about what they can do with their future and presents the opportunities the service has to offer. The event also educated some of the local teachers about the Navy, and the kids are having fun. They had fun, and even my cadets said they enjoyed driving the boat and doing the simulator.

Nearly 500 high school students had the chance to experience the benefits of virtual reality, speak with Navy officials, ask questions and share their aspirations for the future.

Representatives from the NRC Outreach and Diversity Office also hosted Lean Six Sigma workshops, offering White Belt certifications to college students. Lean Six Sigma is a program that focuses on reducing process variations and improving process control, while eliminating waste and promoting standardization and fluidity of work.

“While we were at UMBC and Morgan State, we had a great opportunity to work directly with students on Lean Six Sigma White Belt certifications,” said Lt. Anel Tavira, a native of Gainesville, Ga., A manager. program assigned to the NRC office. of influence and diversity. “The workshops were a great success with over 70 students certified between three interactive events, hopefully helping them start on the path to success and motivating them to seek the next level of certification in the program.”

The NPD ended with the United States Sea Cadet Corps, Fort McHenry Division exercise held in Severna Park, Maryland. The cadets, aged 10 to 17, participated in sailor-led physical training, experienced the “Nimitz” and chatted with enlisted and direct experience officers in the fleet.

“This opportunity for our Sea Cadets to interact with Sea Recruiters provides our young men and women with a great opportunity to learn more about the Navy, get motivated and learn what it would be like to serve. Retired Rear Admiral Andrew said. Lennon, Executive Director, USNSCC. “We have 400 Sea Cadet units across the country, and our adult volunteers are always looking for opportunities for our cadets to get involved. I hope we leave today a little more educated, and we will have a much better appreciation for what our Navy does and I want our Sea Cadets to challenge themselves and become better and more confident people because it will help them become better adults.

NTAG Philadelphia encompasses the areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia, providing recruiting services from over 30 talent acquisition sites.

NRC consists of a command headquarters, three Navy recruiting regions, 26 NTAGs, and 64 Talent Acquisition Integration Centers (TAOCs) that serve more than 1,000 recruiting stations across the world. Their mission is to attract the highest quality candidates to ensure the continued success of the United States Navy.

With more than 330,000 active-duty sailors, 290 deployable ships, more than 3,700 aircraft and dozens of bases in the United States and around the world, the America’s Navy is the world’s largest and most powerful naval force. . The opportunities available in today’s navy are as limitless as the sea itself. To learn more about opportunities in the Navy, visit www.navy.com

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