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Dubai: Emirates airline, always striving to push the boundaries, showcases futuristic aviation technology and a glimpse into the future of commercial aviation over the next 50 years in its pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 .

Located in the Opportunity District, the Emirates Pavilion fascinates visitors with an unrivaled experience of future commercial aviation operations and enlightens them on what can be done to ensure cleaner skies.

Dubai Expo 2020 provides a platform for around 200 countries to promote their cultures, traditions, history and tourism on an international stage in order to create a soft image of their country, on a global scale.

With a focus on sustainability, the Emirates pavilion is the first in the world to showcase cutting-edge innovations in energy efficiency, materials and aviation technology to make Dubai a global hub for future flight operations. commercial aviation.

The Emirates flag is constructed from reusable and recyclable materials in its overall structure and it looks like the wings of an airplane are taking flight.

The Emirates Pavilion tour begins with the collection of a ‘ball-shaped’ access key that allows visitors to interact with different facilities and improve their understanding of the future of commercial aviation.

The Cleaner Skies installation is the first stop on the tour which encourages visitors to test their knowledge of aviation technology through an interactive quiz, raising awareness of the challenges of a cleaner skies.

During a tour of at least 45 minutes, visitors can explore the laboratory of the future to test technologies and perform experiments using robotic arms to make the aircraft of the future faster, lighter and stronger.

Additionally, visitors can also design and fly their own futuristic aircraft, using items such as range, engine type, wings and livery, run it through a flight simulator and get instant feedback on their aircraft. design decisions throughout the process.

In the Emirates Pavilion, the airline is also visualizing the airport of the future for visitors to learn how biometrics, data analytics and smart technologies will transform the passenger experience on the ground.

The must-see attraction is “Experience your Tomorrow”, where visitors can fully immerse themselves as they explore, through interactive virtual reality headsets, the interior cabins of planes of the future. They also navigate the interactive windows of the virtual fuselage, in a windowless state, in an in-flight communication system, as well as views of different types of cabins and seating configurations.

Emirates Airline has worked with academics and its aviation and aerospace industry partners to carefully research, create and curate these informative and stimulating experiences on the future of aviation. Through interactive experiences, visitors can experience propulsion systems, futuristic fuselages, airport innovations and more.

The goal of the UAE pavilion is aligned with Expo 2020 Dubai: to create cutting-edge experiences, pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to help fuel curiosity, reignite conversations and provide meaning and real relevance to visitors in order to pave the way for a better future.

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