Best RWBY Hunter/Huntress Teams Ranked

Like volume 9 of RWBY draws ever closer to its release date, fans of the series are ready to see more teams and combinations of fighting styles, hoping for teamwork that’s just as imaginative as previous volumes. In the spirit of teamwork, here are seven of the best RWBY hunter/hunter teams, ranked.

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rwby fnki
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First introduced at the Vytal Festival, Team FNKI nearly blew up their competition in the doubles match. As students of Atlas, whom their competition expects to produce strict and militant soldiers, Team FNKI have come out on top with some surprisingly colorful and fun uses of their power sets.

Flynt’s Semblance, Killer Quartet, allows him to manifest three clones of himself, which replicate his movements to amplify his attacks and overwhelm the enemy. He and his three copies usually fight with a trumpet that amplifies powerful sound waves. This dizzying power works well with Neon Katt’s Semblance, Rainbow Trail, which allows him to move at super speed. Together, their colorful and musical attacks knock opponents off balance in style.

The only reason Team FNKI isn’t higher on the list is because only half of their team is featured on the show, leaving Kobalt and Ivori largely unknown. They are only highlighted during their doubles match, leaving more to be desired from Remnant’s funkiest fighters.



rwby sssn
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The SSSN team also shows two of its members more than the others. Although their adventures mainly exist in RWBYThe series of companion novels, their appearances in the actual series, while limited, are a lot of fun. Sun’s Semblance, Via Sun, gives him the ability to create glowing golden clones of himself. Even without activating his power, Sun is a formidable fighter with his gunchucks (actually RWBY fashion, his nunchucks are also guns); his fight against Torchwick is one of the fastest and most exciting close fights to come from the mind of the host and RWBY program creator, Monty Oum.

Although Neptune does not use his Semblance, Aquatic Attraction, due to his aquaphobia, his trident is useful in battles. Unfortunately, Scarlet and Sage don’t get as much screen time, which is a shame considering their likenesses and weapons would be interesting to see in more fights. Due to their less than stellar teamwork, the SSSN team is also less cohesive than the other teams, but they are nonetheless a fun bunch of guys who are reliable when you need them.


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With the introduction of Oscar in Volume 4, RWBY’s story took an important turn. And since the traumatic end of the Vytal festival, the JNPR team no longer has a member. It’s a heartwarming moment when Jaune, Nora, and Ren adopt Oscar as part of their team in a fight against the silent villain Neapolitan near the end of Volume 7.

Oscar’s unique relationship with the ancient spirit Ozma allows him to delve into combat techniques from his past lives, learning faster through muscle memory and Ozma’s old cane. As a team leader since JNPR’s inception, Jaune’s Semblance, Aura Amp, can lead to quick healing and an extra layer of protection in combat.

Nora’s Semblance, High Voltage, is a spectacle: she can produce electrical currents in her muscles, making her super strong. As such, she usually delivers the finishing blow, complete with her signature hammer grenade launcher. This hard-hitting power contrasts sharply with Ren’s Semblance, Tranquility, which can mask emotions. Together, the four teammates get along on a personality level, and they each have powerful power sets that work in tandem with each other. Team ORNJ has it all: strategist/healer, secret weapon, heavy hitter, and “essentially a ninja”. It’s a shame that they are currently apart which makes their team short-lived.


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Beacon’s senior students are a joy to watch, a fact the creators behind RWBY had to recognize when they gave Team CFVY their own novel series. In the series, the most prominent character is Velvet, who uses her likeness, her photographic memory, to mimic the fighting styles of others. Combined with a camera capable of creating weapons, Velvet’s power is awe-inspiring to watch, especially when using multiple people’s fighting styles in quick succession. Team leader Coco’s Semblance is far less flashy than her fashion sense, which includes a purse that converts into a machine gun.

Like Team SSSN, the show features Velvet and Coco more than Fox and Yatsuhashi. Nonetheless, Fox’s Semblance, Telepathy, allows him to send and receive mental messages, while Yatsuhashi has the ability to use Memory Wiping. While Coco leads with heavy artillery, Velvet provides support with an array of fighting styles, and Fox provides strong comms. While Yatsuhashi doesn’t use his Semblance often, his giant sword and strong physical abilities make him a formidable fighter.

The CFVY team can show up a few times in Volumes 2 and 3, but they disappear afterward. Since their stories continue in the companion novels, they each get a lot of time in the spotlight, making Team CFVY one of the strongest and most interesting groups of supporting characters who don’t spend a lot of time. onscreen in the main series but look as they should.

3. NJR

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Immediately after Team RWBY split, Ruby switched teams and became the leader of RNJR (originally named JNRR). The team became the first new combination of members from previously separate teams. Ruby, already an experienced leader in her time with her team, uses her Semblance, Petal Burst, to quickly travel from place to place, leaving behind red rose petals. As she develops her skills, she is also able to carry not only herself, but others. With a kind and “simple” soul, Ruby is good at listening to her teammates in order to direct them properly, and her fun nature also makes her likeable.

Combined with Jaune’s strategy and Nora and Ren’s power and stealth combo, Ruby makes Team RNJR one of the strongest teams in the series, as they seamlessly integrate strong-willed teamwork and a singular shared goal. With the added bonus of having two proven leaders, Team RNJR doesn’t lose often. The team lasted nearly two volumes before the members of Team RWBY gradually reunited, leaving behind the heyday of RNJR.


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The titular team is made up of the show’s four main characters, so it only makes sense that Team RWBY is one of the strongest. The team itself goes through a dynamic character arc: the four members struggle to work together, find their rhythm, separate and reform again, stronger for the fight.

Weiss’ Semblance family, Glyphs, allows her to create symbols for various purposes, such as crafting platforms for airborne combat, which she uses in tandem with her rapier. His summoning ability allows him to call on former opponents to help him fight. Blake uses her Semblance, Shadow, to create echoes of herself to deceive her opponents. She can also swing in and out of danger using her grappling hook, making her RWBY’s stealth fighter. In contrast, Yang is the brawler of the team, using her Semblance, Burn, to absorb energy from every hit she takes, making her stronger.

As Team RWBY’s notoriety continues in Volume 9, each member constantly grows stronger in their own way. As Ruby struggles with her previously unknown ability to petrify Grimm (Silver Eyes), Weiss hones her summoning abilities. Team RWBY continually battles villains, winning and losing battles but constantly improving. As a well-rounded unit, Team RWBY is absolutely the team to beat when it comes to strength and cohesion.


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The strongest team RWBY only lasted three volumes but was a treat to watch nonetheless. Team JNPR was led by Jaune, but Pyrrha was truly the heart of the group. As a prebuilt prodigy, Pyrrha used her Semblance, Politary, to manipulate metal, and it was the first Semblance to be explained in the series. Such a simple power is also one of the strongest, especially since she kept it a secret, using Polarity to slightly alter the movements of her opponents’ shields and armor, just enough to get the upper hand and make it look invincible. As indicated by her Wonder Woman-style character design and the speargun she wields, Pyrrha was an almost unbeatable warrior – which made her even more shocking when she was killed in Beacon’s fall. .

Although their team was only broken in three volumes, the JNPR team was a force to be reckoned with in the short time they needed to shine. With Jaune taking flight as the leader, Pyrrha acting as the backbone and morale of the group, and Ren and Nora providing their reliable support, Team JNPR rivaled Team RWBY in strength. What makes them the best team featured in the series is the combination of immediate cohesion and teamwork, powerful likenesses, personalities that work well together, and solid battle strategies. As a team, JNPR made it to the final round of the Vytal Festival and, had the competition not been tampered with, could have won the singles round evenly with Pyrrha as the champion. With all of this in mind, Team JNPR truly was, and still is, the best hunter/hunter team in RWBY.

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