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What are the best instant cameras for kids?

Young people today love to take photos and smartphone “selfies” are a specialty. But young children, those who are not old enough to own a smartphone, also like to take pictures with instant cameras. They can immediately share printed photos with friends, stick them on their school books, create a photo album or hang them on the wall.

Instant cameras have been around for over 70 years. Today, several companies make models explicitly designed for children, and the best is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera.

What to know before buying an instant camera for kids

How does an instant camera work?

Instead of using regular film or ink cartridges, instant cameras use film packs that include a negative, chemical developers and substrates, as well as the positive paper needed to create the final photo.

When you press the shutter, the image is projected onto the film, which is then pulled onto rollers and emerges from the camera. Once the film is released from the camera, the chemicals react with light and the developing process begins. In a few minutes, the white sheet becomes a color photograph.

No more bulky cameras

Instant cameras today, especially those designed for children, have made significant progress since the first Polaroid came out in 1948. They are no longer big and bulky, and many models are easy for children to hold. kids and nearly drop proof.

instant camera uses

Instant cameras were first developed to give people the pleasure of seeing their photos immediately after taking them and the ability to retake or recompose photos that weren’t right. They were also useful for other purposes, such as passport photos, ID cards, ultrasound photos, and other applications that required an instant photo.

However, with the advent of digital photography, instant cameras lost much of their consumer appeal. Passport photos and other instant photo products have gone digital, leaving instant cameras to niche markets, such as a fun photography learning tool for kids and candid photos of guests at a party. wedding reception.

What to Look for in a Quality Instant Camera for Kids

Image quality

Although the quality of an instant photo is lower than that of a high resolution digital camera, most users accept it as a reasonable compromise to get an immediate printed result. However, some instant cameras create better photos than others. Look for a camera with high photo quality (compared to other instant cameras), and kids will appreciate the difference.

Easy to use

An essential factor to consider when buying an instant camera for kids is its ease of use. The camera should work intuitively, and auto exposure will help produce a near-perfect shot every time.

Kindness Factor

A camera designed to look like a toy, such as a mini bear with ears or a small Minion, appeals to children, is less bulky, encourages a child to take pictures and helps them learn about photography.


Select a model that will withstand shocks and drops. Some cameras have a protective silicone coating that absorbs shock.

Reasonably priced movie

Before buying an instant camera for children, calculate the cost of the film. No instant film is cheap, but the cheapest film will save you money when your child starts clicking dozens of photos.

Zero ink

ZINK technology is an inkless technology using CMY dye on paper to develop photos. The zero mess inkless printing process uses multi-layered thermal paper with magenta, yellow and cyan dye crystals that activate when heat is applied.

Most Zink photo prints are small in size, typically measuring 2 inches by 3 inches or 3 inches by 4 inches. The adhesive paper makes it ideal for sticking on refrigerators, scrapbooks and journals.

Although Zink photo paper is heat sensitive, it is durable, water and smudge resistant and will not fade over time.

Creative commands

Many kids’ instant cameras are simple point-and-shoot models. However, many of the best cameras allow minor adjustments to exposures and even allow multiple exposures on a single print for special effects. Some cameras allow kids to edit their photos with filters and decorate them with a set of stickers.

Look for a camera with creative controls to give your child the most rewarding photography experience.

MicroSD card

The best instant cameras for kids allow photos to be stored on a micro-SD card. The feature gives you a digital copy of each photo if the printed version is damaged or lost.

Battery life

Instant cameras that allow you to take at least 100 photos with one set of batteries will help you avoid the unfortunate circumstance of missing a photo opportunity due to dead batteries. Some models use rechargeable batteries.

How much you can expect to spend on an instant camera for kids.

While a Polaroid instant camera sells for around $180, most kids’ models cost under $100.

Kids Instant Camera FAQ

What feature made instant cameras popular when they were introduced?

A. The introduction of instant cameras allowed more creativity among users. At the time, photographers were limited to developing photographs in a darkroom requiring the proper equipment and chemicals, and the results took a while to achieve.

When did instant cameras first become popular?

A. Although introduced in 1948, the popularity of instant cameras exploded in 1965 when Polaroid introduced the Model 20 Swinger, one of the best-selling cameras of all time.

What is the best instant camera to buy for kids?

The best instant camera for kids

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

What do you want to know: This lightweight and compact camera is simple to use, features large buttons for aiming and shooting, and comes in several brilliant colors that kids love.

What you will love: Features include a built-in selfie mirror, high-key mode for dramatic effects and a macro lens for close-ups from 35-50cm. The camera uses Instax Film and prints 2.13-inch by 3.4-inch photos, ideal for carrying in a wallet or purse.

What you should consider: The orientation of the camera, held horizontally or vertically, determines whether photos are output in black or color.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best instant camera for kids for the money

Dragon Touch Instant Print Kids Camera

Dragon Touch Instant Print Kids Camera

What do you want to know: This cute camera is lightweight and made with a durable, drop-resistant silicone protective shell, making it ideal for kids just starting to get interested in photography.

What you will love: Younger ones can get creative coloring and decorating the black and white images printed on safe, eco-friendly, BPA-free photo paper. The Dragon Touch supports an external memory card ensuring your child has a digital copy of all printed photos. The dual front and rear cameras capture images of friends and family and imaginative selfies.

What you should consider: Controls can be confusing for children and they may need parental assistance initially.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Canon IVY CLIQ 2 Instant Camera Printer

Canon IVY CLIQ 2 Instant Camera Printer

What do you want to know: This pocket-sized instant camera is perfect for small hands of young children, and it produces mess-free photos thanks to ZINK inkless technology.

What you will love: All photos measure 3 inches by 2 inches and have a peel and stick adhesive backing, making them ideal for scrapbooks or bulletin boards. Selfies are taken the first time thanks to the large 2-inch built-in mirror. Kids can personalize photos with the Frame and Filters feature, and all images can be digitally saved to a micro-SD card.

What you should consider: The camera does not include Bluetooth for those who want immediate printouts of digital photos taken with a mobile phone.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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