Azul Conecta offers its maintenance and pilot training services outside the airline

Last week, Azul Conecta, a subsidiary of Azul Linhas Aéreas, was present at the MRO Brasil in São Paulo, offering its services and methods for maintenance and pilot training. The airline was at the forefront of innovation and for the first time began to provide its services externally.

MRO Brazil

MRO Brasil is an event that was inaugurated this year and is inspired by MRO Americas. Companies from all over Brazil were present, as well as international companies. Two of the most reputable names at the event were LATAM and Azul Conecta, with mechanics and engineers in attendance.


Azul Conecta’s stand also included Azul’s famous snacks served as part of the in-flight service. Photo: Lukas Souza | single flight

Azul Conecta made a special appearance at the event. In addition to its booth offering maintenance, engineering and pilot training services, one of its Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft was on display.

Azul Conecta’s president, Antonio Flavio Costa, was also present at the event, talking to potential customers and the press. Photo: Azul Linhas Aéreas

For the first time, Azul Conecta began to offer its services outside. Azul Conecta became part of the Azul family two years ago when Azul acquired TwoFlex and renamed it Azul Conecta. The airline has developed innovative methods of maintenance and engineering and pilot training using virtual reality.

“From training to maintenance to charters, we develop customized solutions to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.” – Azul Connecta

Here is an overview of Azul Conecta’s operations to date:

  • 71,000 passengers transported
  • 65 cities served
  • More … than 40,000 flight hours in less than two years
  • Almost 1.5 million kilograms of goods transported
  • More … than 25,500 flights
  • 72 daily flights on average
  • 82% one-off performance
  • 23 planes and three more are expected by the end of 2022

History of Azul Conecta

Azul Conecta was previously called TwoFlex, a small regional airline that operated in Brazil. Following the acquisition of TwoFlex by Azul, the airline was rebranded and launched in August 2020 as Azul Conecta. At the time of purchase, TwoFlex operated flights to 39 cities in Brazil (the largest country in South America) and had a fleet of 17 aircraft. Since the acquisition, Azul Conecta has grown to 23 aircraft, with three more expected by the end of the year and 65 cities served.

The acquisition of TwoFlex was worth approximately $22.6 million and proved to be an excellent investment by Azul. Speaking on the purchase of TwoFlex, Azul Managing Director John Rodgerson said:

“Over the past ten years, Azul has led the development of regional aviation in Brazil by serving more than 100 domestic destinations and offering new services to more than 50. Our goal is to continue to provide essential air service to new and diverse regions of Brazil. TwoFlex will be the perfect way to reach these cities and communities. »

Recent news from Azul Conecta

Azul Conecta recently took delivery of another Cessna Caravan EX aircraft, and another is in Brazil, with paperwork being finalized for the airline to receive the aircraft. In addition to the two planes that arrived in Brazil last week, Azul Conecta is expected to receive two more in December.

Azul Conecta’s fleet will grow to 25 aircraft by the end of the year. Photo: Lukas Souza | single flight

Azul Conecta began stealing what they dubbed the Rota Das Emoções, which doesn’t translate well to English but is a scenic route through some of the most beautiful places in Brazil. Simple Flying has received an invitation to fly this route, so stay tuned for notice.

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