Apple iPhone 13 Pro Camera

With 12Mp available on each of its main cameras, the iPhone 13 Pro doesn’t produce the largest images, but overall they look great on its display. They also look great when shared on social media.

Under bright sunlight, jpeg and HEIF images might look a bit too crisp if you zoom in, but at normal view and share sizes they look good. The raw files, which are saved in DNG format, however, generally look a bit more natural.

IPhone 13 Pro quickly spots humans and animals in the frame of the image and lets you know by placing a yellow square around them and making them in focus. Even though it doesn’t identify a specific subject or surround a frame, the 13 Pro does a good job of sharpening the object closest to the frame.

Thanks to the large apertures and phase detection focus with each camera, the iPhone 13 Pro also gets sharp subjects quickly in dark conditions. It’s also quick to automatically turn on Night Mode if needed – its icon at the top left of the screen will turn yellow to let you know – then take a longer exposure (or compose multiple exposures). If your subject is moving, it’s likely to be out of focus, but the iPhone 13 Pro does a great job ignoring the accidental jolting and wobbling that comes with holding the phone and can provide crisp 2-second exposures.

I am especially impressed with the amount of detail visible in the bricks and logs around a dark fireplace taken in the evening when I held the camera for a two second exposure.

Inevitably, this is not all good news, however. When I photographed my dog ​​with the telephoto lens while standing in a forest, his fur looks lightly stained and even at ISO 800.

Including the sun in the frame or near the edge of the frame can also challenge the dynamic range of the camera and a few of my images with bright skies have a strip of cyan between the brightest area and blue. normal sky.

Overall, I think the dynamic range of the iPhone 13 Pro is decent. I’m happy with the results I got when photographing a window on a cloudy September morning. The windowsill, ornaments and curtains in the foreground look natural and not too dark while there is a lot of detail in the scene outside the window.

Portrait mode

Portrait or aperture mode is now a familiar feature of smartphone cameras, and it works great on the iPhone 13 Pro. Sometimes the camera doesn’t handle subject selection as well as we would like, but in general it does a great job and the transition from sharp to blurry looks good.

Photographic styles

At first, I was a little disappointed with the photographic styles, I expected a little more impact. However, after playing with them I went for the Warm setting in most cases. I prefer warm images and in many cases this produces images a bit more to my liking.

What I would really like, however, is to have good white balance control. This can be achieved by processing raw files or using an alternative camera app, but that’s not the point.

Using a Photographic Style rules out using raw files, but it does mean that your images may be closer to what you are aiming for at the shooting stage. If you save raw files, the storage requirements increase, but since they are in DNG format, they are widely compatible and popular apps like Snapseed can handle them.

Video performance

When set to 4K resolution, the iPhone 13 Pro produces great videos and stabilization works well. Stabilization does a great job of eliminating the fine shakes that are often seen when a camera is hand-held and even helps create watchable footage as you walk with the camera.

Enabling cinematic mode changes the video resolution to Full HD, but again, the results look good. The focus transition from one point to another is quite quick and generally precise, but it would be nice to have control over the speed of the change.

Errors in subject identification are more noticeable in video than in still images, so I advise you to be wary of using the larger aperture setting as this makes errors more noticeable.

I will update this review once ProRes mode is available.

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