Advanced Mixed Reality Apache Trainer from Vrgineers and DigiFlight

LA VEGAS and PRAGUE, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Engineers and DigiFlight have teamed up to produce a modern, comprehensive training solution for the world’s toughest multirole attack helicopter. With more than 1,200 aircraft currently in service, the Advanced Mixed Reality Apache Trainer (AMRAT) will accelerate pilot training with high-fidelity MR solutions and therefore significantly reduce the number of aircraft hours normally required to support individual task and crew training.

The AMRAT is built on a proprietary wearable platform designed by Vrgineers, which was originally created for the USAF. It delivers the most affordable, immersive, and realistic experience available on the market today without expensive visual display systems, complicated support systems, or unique facility design requirements. The trainer features two separate but interconnected crew stations (the pilot’s and co-pilot’s gunner’s station), with switches, panels, flight instruments and replicated displays connected to a computer and image generator of integrated virtual reality. Currently, it is supported by a leading provider of immersive flight simulation software, ED Mission Systems.

This new product is the result of cooperation between Vrgineers, (an innovative manufacturer of flight training simulators) and Digifight, a technology company with extensive experience in pilot training worldwide. “We are confident that by combining our skills, we are able to deliver a training device capable of supporting Apache training tasks, including individual and crew skills, preparing them to operate in no any environment, meeting critical mission requirements”, Explain Marek PolcakCEO of Vrgineers.

The future of possibilities:

“The ability to conduct a seamless mixed reality environment with a wearable haptic flight seat driven by a true-to-reality simulation engine, not only guarantees pilot proficiency, but more importantly provides the feel of a unique and authentic experience encompassing scenarios complex operations. This allows our users to save time and effort while minimizing the cost of training infrastructure and associated operating hours,” said Matthias TechmanskyDirector of ED Mission Systems and Marek PolcakCEO of Vrgineers, adds: “A similar type of modern trainer should play a crucial role in pilot training in the future. Not only for Apache, but for Defiant (LMCO & Boeing) and Valor (Bell) which are currently under development and in competition in the future vertical lifting program in the United States”

So, for the first time ever, Vrgineers and DigiFlight will jointly showcase a conceptual MR Apache Trainer, at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida

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