ACJ TwoTwenty’s first extra-large business jet gets a personalized luxury VIP cabin

One of the proudest moments of 2021 for Airbus was the launch of its new business jet, the luxurious ACJ TwoTwenty. An extra-large model, with 785 square feet (73 square meters) of floor space and six VIP living areas that can accommodate up to 19 passengers, this jet is a game-changer in its class, when it comes to space and power. comfort. Of course, its performance is up to par. Powered by Pratt & Whitney GTF engines, it boasts an impressive range of 5,650 nautical miles (6,500 miles / 10,500 km).

FIVE, a Dubai-based group with real estate agencies, hotels and several other branches, officially became the first client of the new ACJ TwoTwenty, who was also able to select their preferred VIP cabin from the multiple options available. Comlux, a Swiss-based luxury company that takes care of everything related to business and private jets, from acquisitions to interiors and upgrades, is now in charge of completing the layout of the jet’s cabin. of the group.

The plane recently arrived at Comlux’s facilities in Indianapolis, where it will get its beautiful VIP cabin. Comlux engineers have developed a virtual reality tool especially for this, allowing customers to immerse themselves in a 3D experience of their future jet cabin, just as they would with a luxury car. But complex 3D technology is not only a question of aesthetics, it also demonstrates the functionality of the equipment and future performance.

Comlux hasn’t shared what the future cabin will look like, but we do know that the ACJ TwoTwenty offers the option of a large cinema with the largest screen available on a biz-jet, as well as the widest satellite connectivity. bandwidth and a VIP bedroom with a king-size bed, a second home cinema screen and an en-suite bathroom.

The first ACJ TwoTwenty with a luxury cabin is expected to enter service in early 2023.

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