5G technology could affect aircraft flights

Fortunately, the COVID-19 conspiracy theories surrounding the advent of powerful 5G technology have been debunked. But unfortunately, more issues have arisen for 5G as the The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned on Tuesday that the telecommunications network could potentially interfere with the aircraft’s electronics, an issue that may require “mitigation.”

5G, or the fifth generation mobile network, was first rolled out in 2019 and promised to revolutionize broadband with much greater bandwidth and faster download speeds. The possibilities include a transparent plug-in for virtual reality worlds, as well as a new Internet of Things, a term used to describe the “intelligent” automation of a myriad of inert objects, from sidewalks and winter jackets to tomato planters. Many mobile service providers have offered 5G for years, with network managers touting it as one of the most transformative technologies of our time.

However, the recent FAA warning is for new 5G service spectrum, which providers are expected to roll out on December 5. According to the bulletin, this new band could disrupt radio signals from radar altimeters, which are used to measure the proximity of an aircraft. on the ground. This device is essential for landing when visibility is poor, and also serves as anti-collision protection. The FAA says it is working with agencies to allow the new 5G sphere to safely coexist with aviation.

The Federal Communications Commission, which oversees the distribution of the network’s radio bands, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The FAA bulletin also notes that part of the problem is that technical specifications for radar altimeters were developed long before 5G was imagined. Thus, the instructions did not incorporate corrections for competing radio waves. Aviation officials said it would take years to write new standards for altimeters and then replace all those in the field.

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