12 female chefs in Hong Kong you should know and follow

You probably knew these names already, but here’s another honorable mention anyway. In honor of Women’s History Month, meet 12 of Hong Kong’s impressive female chefs.

The restaurant industry, like so many others, is male-dominated, usually attributed to a work environment that is seemingly too hardworking, too tiring, too intense, they say. While there’s no doubt that surviving the restaurant scene is hard work, these female chefs in Hong Kong have gone beyond navigating hot pans and proven that old theory so wrong.

Good food is good food – it’s as simple as that. And these undeniable talents create stunning, inventive dishes that push the boundaries of simple cooking and have earned top marks in some of the city’s top restaurants. Some have won titles like Asia’s Best Female Chef, others run Michelin-starred kitchens, and all are passionate people who showcase their incredible craft and bring extra joy to the city’s food scene. .

12 female chefs to know in Hong Kong:

Archan Chan (Ho Lee Fook)

The unveiling of the new Ho Lee Fook 2.0 is not only lit by a dramatic redesign of sparkling new interiors, but also by chef ArChan Chan’s inventive Cantonese recipes – XO fun, Live Razor Clams (his childhood favourite) and Hong Kong signature Stir-fry King are just a few of the tastes of his new additions. Aiming to rewrite the rules of traditional Cantonese cuisine, ArChan has struck a balance between the comforting essence of Chinese cuisine and the irreverent character of Ho Lee Fook. Follow her for snapshots of hearty home-cooked meals and a look at some of ArChan’s favorite ingredients.

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Vicky Lau (Tate/Mora Dining Room)

You’ll recognize a Vicky Lau creation when you see it: clever, appetizing, with exorbitant attention to detail. While this type of craftsmanship is reserved for tables at the two-Michelin-starred Tate Dining Room and the newly opened Mora, the Asia’s Best Female Chef 2015 page is a humble dedication to the city’s snapshots, many of which draw inspiration from Lau’s single-ingredient “Ode” menus, a theme that continued in her captions: “Ode to Hong Kong” and “Ode to Street Markets” published a few years ago. Although not regularly updated – nice pictures of new dishes are posted on the restaurant’s respective pages – follow it for an overview close to his daily activities.

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May Chow (Little Bao / Happy Paradise)

Chiefly responsible for bringing freshness back to the humble bao, May Chow approaches Chinese and Cantonese cuisine with inventive new advances, as seen in the menus of Little Bao and Happy Paradise. Appointed Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2017 and having starred in various cooking shows including Excellent chef United States and Chef In Asia and the UK, May’s page reflects her passionate dedication to delicious cuisine (many of which are current menu items), pop-up events as well as sweet snapshots of her amazing team, friends from industry and her musically talented fiancé.

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Heloise Fischbach

Whatever praise you thought you’d pass on to chef Maxime Gilbert of writing two Michelin stars, pass half of it on to chef de cuisine Heloise Fischbach, too. The French-born left her Paris home in 2016 for Hong Kong, starting as sous-chef at the refined French establishment before working her way to the top in four months. His curriculum vitae boasts three-star experiences at Mirazue in Menton and L’Apege in Paris. Although her Instagram account is currently private, you can still follow her cooking in real life at the H Queen’s restaurant location. Reservations can be made here.

Gisela Alesbrook (Hotel Colombo)

Sri Lankan native Gisela Alesbrook, or warmly, Chef Gizzy, has brought a little taste of her hometown flavors to Central’s SoHo with Hotal Colombo, the cozy cantina best known for its authentic menu of bold flavors, many of which are near and dear to Gizzy’s Heart: bone marrow varuval with pol roti, chili beef fries and, of course, the venue’s popular Colombo Crab Club. Truly dedicated to her craft with an unwavering passion for cooking, you’ll find Gizzy’s account filled with posts dedicated to fresh shellfish, dishes that remind her of home, and a post for a favorite Hong Kong snack: egg waffles.

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Devon Hou (Cobo House)

Half of the Cobo House kitchen duo is Devon Hou, an industry veteran who has been cooking among notable names – L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Café Gray Deluxe at The Upper House, Amber and then Tate Dining Room – for 16 years. years. So you can be sure she knows a thing or two when it comes to gorgeous ingredients and equally gorgeous food. You’ll find everything Devon considers delicious, including, of course, photographic memories of each photogenic Creation of the Knife and Spoon series served at Cobo House.

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Peggy Chan

Peggy Chan is not just a chef. She is also a seasoned panelist, prolific speaker, and longtime advocate for plant-based eating and sustainability in the F&B industry. In other words, Peggy Chan is very busy. She was the chef-owner of Grassroots Pantry and Nectar on Hollywood Road, and although both concepts sadly closed, she soon launched several initiatives dedicated to promoting better and greener practices as well as writing her own very first cookbook, Origin. The same practices are woven through Chan’s well-curated grid of fresh, seasonal ingredients picked from local farms, messages to inspire better habits, and a whole host of tasty dishes.

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Chan Kai Ying (Fagara Pepper)

Visit Chilli Fagara for its fiery Sichuan cuisine – dumplings dipped in chili oil; bubbling tofu in a my the broth – but don’t forget to credit Chan Kai Ying for the recipes. Born into a family of chefs and restaurateurs, it was natural for Chan to find her niche in the F&B industry, which she gained by cooking authentic Sichuan recipes at the central station. The Chong Qing native has since taken the restaurant to the prestigious Michelin Guiding the standards, perfecting the recipes passed down and dreaming up new ones (including chili ice cream) and while she doesn’t appear to be Instagram herself, you can follow – and head into a mind-numbing experience – the Chan’s kitchen at the Old Bailey street address.

Stephanie Wong (Roots)

Let Roots Eatery’s founding chef, Stephanie Wong, testify: if you can dream it, you can do it. The Hong Kong native first found a career in banking before enrolling at the renowned Alaine Ducasse cooking school and establishing a second route through the culinary world. After meticulously honing his techniques in France and Hong Kong, Wong finally achieved a long-held dream of opening his own restaurant in 2018: Roots. The Cantonese-French bistro-style bites served in the intimate Wan Chai restaurant are of the same genre as those featured in Wong’s thread. If it’s not stunning new menu additions or revisiting delicious old favourites, her Instagram is an album of happy smiles with good friends and the Roots team, plus adorable photos of her new puppy Jack Russel Terrier, Siu Wong (小旺).

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Tiffany Lo (Jean May)

The adjectives that apply to the comfort and well-being of Jean May’s French dishes are the same descriptors you would probably use to describe Tiffany Lo’s Instagram page. After being trained by Pierre Koffmann during her time in London, the Le Cordon Blue alumnus perfects timeless bistro-style dishes at the neighborhood restaurant, the same ones on display on her own feed – perfected dishes and dishes still under recipe testing. Scroll to discover simple French dishes with a pinch of Cantonese comfort in between.

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Narisara Somboon (Chachawan)

Chachawan’s cooking might be shared between Narisara Somboon and her husband Chang Somboon, but Narisara takes on much of the responsibility for the Issan-style restaurant – including taste testing and menu design alongside Chang, as well as the finishing and controlling each dish that passes out of the kitchen. Narisara has also come up with her own dishes, including the rich and creamy gay massaman which rolled out as a monthly special last October. The Prachin Buri native shares over 40 years of culinary experience with her husband and moved to the city as part of the founding team of Chachawan. Follow his penchant for aromatic flavors by booking here.

Theign Yie Phan (The Saigon Boy)

Do you love the banh mi of Petit Saigon? The same goes for its creator, Theign Yie Phan, head chef of Vietnamese banh mi grab n’ go and Saigonese grill house Le Garçon Saigon. Through an in-depth interest in traditional Saigonese ingredients and Vietnamese cuisine, Theign has developed new dishes – especially on the wood-fired grill – that resemble the bright, vibrant flavors of the region. It’s an interest that spilled over to Theign’s personal page, where she captures thrilling behind-the-grill action shots and tantalizing close-ups of new menu additions.

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Hero image courtesy of Chilli Fagara, Hotal Colombo, Happy Paradise (left to right)

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